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Do you have questions about Camping Ramstein-Plage?
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How to book the Ramstein Plage*** Campsite in Baerenthal?

You can book directly from our website, directly from the page of your accommodation or from the sidebar at the top of the page. You can also book by contacting us at +33 (0)4 66 600 700.

What time can we arrive at the Baerenthal camping?

Our rentals are available from 4pm.
Our camping sites are available from 2pm.

Is it possible to arrive earlier on the day of arrival and enjoy the camping?

It is not possible to enter and enjoy the camping before the scheduled arrival time.

What time should we leave from Camping Ramstein Plage?

Our rentals must be vacated no later than 11am.
Our camping sites must be vacated no later than 12pm.

Is it possible to leave the rental or camping site later?

Outside of July and August, it is possible to enjoy your rental or camping spot for a longer period of time depending on availability.

Only the reception can authorize it.
The late departure fee is 30€ for a rental and 8€ for a camping spot.
This also allows you to enjoy the camping's facilities.

Can I arrive after the reception closes?

It is possible for you to arrive after reception closing. To do so, please notify us as soon as possible at 04 66 600 700. You will find an envelope with your name at the entrance of the campsite with your access. We ask you to present yourself at the reception the day after your arrival from 9am. You can access the campsite with your vehicle until 10pm.

How to contact the Ramstein Plage Campsite in Baerenthal ?

We can be reached :

- by phone : +33 466 600 700

- by mail at the campsite address : ramstein@koawa.com

- from our Facebook page


Are animals allowed at the campsite?

Only dogs of category 3 are allowed. All other animals are not allowed on our camping grounds and in our rentals.

Can I choose my location?

You can communicate your location, number, and side-by-side preferences by phone or email. We do our best to meet your request, but we cannot guarantee the location.

However, it is possible to reserve a specific location number with the "Location Preference" option for 30€.

What are the different payment methods available?

You can pay for your bookings with a bank card on your customer area or by phone, with a bank check or holiday checks to the return address by mail, and by bank transfer to the corresponding camping account.

Does Ramstein Plage Camping accept holiday checks?

Yes, we ask that it be received 30 days before the arrival date of your stay at the latest.

Does Camping Ramstein Plage accept bank checks?

Yes, we ask that it be received 30 days before the arrival date of your stay at the latest.

When should I settle my stay?

All reservations must be settled 30 days prior to the arrival date of your stay.


Can I cancel my stay at Ramstein Beach Camping?

  • For any cancellation more than 30 days before the arrival date, the amounts paid (except for cancellation insurance and file fees) will be refunded after deduction of a cancellation file fee of 20€.
  • Between 30 and 21 days before the arrival date, 25% of the total amount of the stay will be kept by the campsite as well as the amounts of file fees, cancellation insurance and cancellation fees of 20€.
  • Between 20 and 11 days before the arrival date, 50% of the total amount of the stay will be kept by the campsite as well as the amounts of file fees, cancellation insurance and cancellation fees of 20€.
  • Less than 10 days before the arrival date, the total amount of the stay, including file fees and cancellation insurance, will be kept by the campsite.

In case of a claim to the cancellation insurance, only the general conditions of the latter apply.


Can I subscribe to an insurance?

You can subscribe to the cancellation insurance at the time of booking, before paying the deposit. The amount of the cancellation insurance corresponds to 3.7% of the total amount (excluding booking fees).

What is the price of the processing fees?

The processing fee is 10€ per reservation.

What is the price of the tourist tax?

The price of tourist taxes varies depending on the campsite. Tourist taxes are included in the total price of your reservation.

What does the capacity of the rental mean?

The capacity for accommodation defines the maximum number that can be accommodated in the accommodation. All people are taken into account in the capacity for accommodation, babies too.

Are Koawa Campsites approved by VACAF?

Our campsites are not approved by VACAF.

Do you accept the OCCYGENE card?

We do not accept the OCCYGENE card as a means of payment for your reservation.

Are rentals provided with sheets and towels?

No, sheets and towels are not included in our rentals, except for the Prestige, Luxe, Zenzilot and Ilot Bleu categories where only sheets are included.

You can bring your own, or rent them for 15€ for a double sheet kit, 8€ for a single sheet kit, and 6€ for a towel kit.

What is the size of camping sites?

Our camping sites have an area between 80 and 100m².

Do you offer any accommodations for people with reduced mobility?

At some of our campsites, such as Château de Rochetaillée, Bontemps, Gorges du Chambon and Colporteur, we offer facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility. You will find the mention "PMR" in the title of the accommodation.

Are swim shorts allowed in aquatic areas?

For hygiene reasons, swim shorts are not allowed in our aquatic areas as any long and loose clothing.

Can I access the pool without staying at the campground?

Access to our aquatic spaces is only allowed to people with a reservation in the camping.

Are there any services closed during low season?

In low season, that is April, May, June and September, some of our campings do not offer catering or entertainment.

You can find the opening dates on the camping's website in the "Animations" and "Our Services" tabs.

What types of activities does Koawa Camping offer?

To know the different activities offered by your Koawa camping,
you must refer to the category to which the camping belongs: Zen'awa, Cool'awa, Fun'awa.

You will find the details of these categories in the "Activities" tab.

Are visitors allowed on the camping?

Visitors are allowed on the campsite for €5 per visitor per day. They are not allowed to sleep in the rentals or access the water area.